Who will you become when you create healthier habits?

Enter Taylor Lawrence, The Habit Coach, an experienced coaching professional specialized in helping men, women and kids create holistic health through simple habit changes. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, The Habit Coach has helped clients free themselves from self-destructive behaviors and adopt lifestyle changes built for long-term success.


Here's what people are saying

Working with the habit coach helped me to lose 20 lbs, gain muscle, get rid of sciatic nerve pain and sleep better -all by helping me create simple changes to my daily routine.

- Sean V

The workshop was a huge breakthrough for my 11 year old son. This class really made an impact on him on many levels. The habit coach really gets how to teach kids about this topic and make it interesting.

- Kina P

At our workshop, the habit coach seamlessly transitioned from one subject to the next and clearly explained new material to an audience unfamiliar with some of the terms. For me, personally it heightened my interest in topics I already found captivating.

- Laura N


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