Meet The Habit Coach

Taylor Lawrence, Certified Integrative Health Coach

Taylor Lawrence is a certified integrative health coach specialized in helping men and women improve their relationship with eating and exercise using simple habit creation techniques. A passionate professional, Taylor loves helping her clients make major lifestyle shifts through minor behavioral changes.

Taylor discovered her passion for health and nutrition in 2015 when she experienced a sudden shift in her own health. Her energy took a dip. She had constant headaches, stomach aches, and didn't feel like herself. Fed up with her new normal, Taylor began making small changes to clean up her diet, breakup with overeating, and incorporate more activity into her day-to-day. These tiny changes made a major difference and she became determined to share what she discovered with the world.

Always a compassionate person, Taylor adores helping others and regularly volunteers with organizations like Cooking Matters. She's lectured to hundreds of men and women both virtually and in-person.

But Taylor's strengths really shine when she works one-on-one with her clients. She's helped men and women lose weight, end sciatic nerve pain, learn to cook, and change their eating habits for good. She acts as an accountability partner and a teacher but treats her clients like family.