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My first ever TikTok hit 500K views and I wish it never went viral.

Updated: May 1

I had been scrolling in secrecy for months. The platform popularized by Gen Zers shaking it in their parents' basement, sucked me in with its snackable content.

An avid health enthusiast, my feed quickly shifted from kids in crop tops to transformation photos and smoothie recipes.

Feeling older than ever, I figured, let this grandma give it a try. I uploaded a photo of myself in a bathing suit. I was a few pounds heavier and unhappy. I overlaid the photo with text that read "Me thinking lifting weights would make me 'bulky'". Then, I added a video of my toned back months later with the text "Me lifting 4 times per week".

It blew up.

Comments like "you're amazing!" started flooding in.

I was quickly brought down to earth when I realized the post was the antithesis of what I believed in, a before and after.

It didn't show me getting up at 5 am every day or saying no to late nights with the girls. It didn't show the times I messed up and the days I felt unworthy.

Transforming the way that I looked only happened after I transformed what I did every day. Now I help my clients "like" the in-between, because that's what life is isn't it?

There's no such thing as a before & after.

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